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Our business is based upon an age-old principle. It is the driving force of business and any economy. This is called the quid pro quo - something for something - a mutual benefit. Person A needs what Person B can give, and vice versa; and so we make an exchange.

Our offer is quite simple. You purchase a license, and we will supply you with a quality tool that amalgamates virtually all of the available data into one single map, letting you know exactly what the Earth and her atmosphere have done, are doing, and will do. Surely this software can't change the weather, but the knowledge it gives of it lessens its negative impact to the point where the price becomes well worth it.

That paragrah, of course, is a severe understatement. WeatherStudio is unique - there is no website that can do the same, and there is no other computer software that can rival it (other than television studio meteorological graphics systems that will never cost under $1000 dollars). WeatherStudio is a superior product for many reasons, but before we explain them, it should be said that the real special thing about the WeatherStudio "quid pro quo" is that it's guaranteed. Unless everything that is said on this page is proven to you to be true by means of your opinion, you give us no money whatsoever. How does that work?

It works that way to ensure that both of us walk away happy. We are so confident that you will agree that WeatherStudio is worth the money, that we are giving everybody a free trial, 14-days you can try out the fully functioning trial. You don't even have to wait - you can get it now. If you finish your 14 days and you think the product is garbage, uninstall it and walk away. Of course, we would love to hear your complaints in this hypothetical case, but there is no obligation whatsoever.The first moment you give us your credit card number is only the same moment you decide, willingly, that this product is worth its price.

Let's be honest - everyone knows how to turn on the TV, go on a website, or listen to a radio and get weather forecasts and information. But the detail of data given to you by WeatherStudio is what those guys use to give you the forecast. It is that detail and ability to visualize that makes WeatherStudio pay for itself, over and over again. Whether it's broken, drenched cell-phone because of a stray, random thunderstorm, or the loss of a car in a major street flood, WeatherStudio saves you money by showing you exactly what the atmosphere is doing, and what it will do.

There is nothing to lose. Freely download here. It could save your life.

Q: Why exactly is WeatherStudio so unique and superior?

A: Because of the price for what you are getting. We wanted to make more money and more friends in the long run by pricing low so we get lots of customers. Do your own research - there are other weather programs that exist. We posit that ours is the best and all the more for the money. But the product itself has a few things that makes it of notable high quality. For instance, WeatherStudio makes use of your graphics hardware. It is not software rendered. These are techical terms that few undestand, but essentially it means that WeatherStudio uses the same graphics technology that video games do in order to make WeatherStudio so fast that it can do things like fade effects, radar and satellite loops, and animated forms of data - which it does well. Another positive factor is that WeatherStudio has an extremely efficient layer system that makes the management of all the data an easy task. By far the hardest development challenge for us was making a user interface that was simple enough for home users but powerful enough for storm chasers and meteorologists - our primary marketing target. WeatherStudio fully supports data smoothing and color palletes; just parts of an incredibly customizable, powerful, and robust raster processing system. This advanced feature isn't seen unless activated and therefore does not compromise simplicity. The only skills necessary for basic use of WeatherStudio are knowing how to operate a mouse and keyboard.

Q: Okay, you've talked alot about how great WeatherStudio is... but what exactly is it?

A: WeatherStudio is a program for Windows operating systems. It is a live, interactive map that you can drag around and zoom to street level with the mouse or keyboard. You can overlay a plethora of layers and weather maps onto it. For an incomplete listing of how much data can be shown in WeatherStudio, click here. For some screenshots and video of WeatherStudio, click here.

Q: When I do a Google search for "WeatherStudio", I get many Spyware alerts/how-to-remove articles. How can you guarantee that this program is safe?

A: Those results are for some browser toolbar years ago that apparently had the same name. (If you check the dates of those entries, you can see that they are well before September 1st, 2009 when WeatherStudio 1.0 was first released.) We have no association with that and can guarantee that WeatherStudio the weather graphics software is 100% clean and without spyware or viruses. This has been verifed by a number of third-party download sites, such as Softpedia.

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